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Motive Power 
Chargeurs 50 Hz

Hawker MotionLine
Hawker MasterLine puls/EU
Hawker MultiLine WOWa
Hawker MultiLine IWUIa


50 Hz Charger

Optimised charging technology for all applications

Many motive power batteries are designed for specific requirements and constitute a system
together with the matched charger. In this context the different technical configurations of the chargers
have to meet the requirements.The charging technology must accommodate for the characteristics of
the battery and the application. This is a crucial factor for the economic operation of the batteries:
Industrial truck + battery + charger = 1 system
All Hawker chargers are equipped with microprocessors of the latest generation for the charging control.mFunctional modern design with optimised ventilation for a long service life,

  • MotionLine: proven Wsa-charging characteristics.For one-shift operations with 10 - 14 hours charging times. Diffusion pulses after end-of-charging. Always an optimised capacity is available
  • MasterLine puls: For one- and two shift-operation. Current pulses during the gassing state provide a fast and energy saving battery charge.
  • MasterLine EU: For one and multiple-shift operations, as well as opportunity charge and short charging times in conjunction with electrolyte circulation for enhanced economy.
  • MultiLine WOWa is equipped with a W0Wa characteristics according to DIN 41772 and is ideally suited for multi-shift applications with a charging time of about 5.5-10 hours.
  • MultiLine IWUIa provides charging times between 5.5 - 12 hours depending on battery type and capacity and is suitable for each application.Download and analysis of the last
    128 end-of-charge data recordings support a well directed operation of the batteries.

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