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Motive Power 
Life IQ™
Powertech IQ

Life IQ™ incorporates a major step forward with the ability to communicate wirelessly with the battery via the Wi-IQ®, providing the optimal energy pack needed for all motive power applications. The HF technology features compact wall-mounted designs to save floor space and significantly higher electrical performances. Life IQ™: the new generation of HF chargers by EnerSys This new range of smart HF chargers from EnerSys combines all the existing features and benefits associated with HF technology and innovative new ones that provide the user with optimum flexibility of use. Life IQ™, the next generation of Hawker high frequency chargers has been developed to provide the user with:
• Lower electricity costs through improved efficiency and lower charging factor – these features will help reduce your carbon footprint
• Wireless communication between the charger and the battery via the Wi-IQ, wireless battery monitoring device.
• USB port for data download and upload
• Ethernet port for remote management and diagnostics
• Clear state of charge indication through it’s colour changing display panel
• Improved safety using arc-less connection/disconnection • Customer programmable menu